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Pure Metallic & Chameleon Color-Changing Epoxy Summarized Application Video

Check out some time lapse photography of the application of the effects


1. I painted my garage floor and I have dust and debris in the coating, what happened?

Due to the long drying times of the Pure Metallic effects, dust can settle in the coating. As with any coating, you must make sure the area you are coating is extremely clean and dust free. Close all vents, use clean lint-free rollers and use plastic poly sheeting to close off entry ways to avoid any debris blowing in.

2. I just coated my basement floor with the Pure Metallic system and it doesn't look like the picture example I used to choose my colors; did I do something wrong?

Here are a few pointers regarding the end result of your Pure Metallic coating:

A. Pure Metallic is a 100% solids epoxy and is self leveling which will constantly move and shift until it tacks up. This process can last a few hours. Here is an example of before and after pictures of the Pure Metallic effect being applied and the final result. Again, this is the reaction based on individual colors and technique. Some metallic colors weigh more and stay in place and lighter colors tend to expand and flow out more:

Pure Metallic - Sloped Floor Mishape Example
Before - After Pure Metallic effects application / After - Two hours after Pure Metallic effects application

B. All colors react different with each other. Therefore, we can not guarantee or warranty the final look of your floor as results are unpredictable and based on individual artistic technique. We recommend choosing color combinations that are in our Pure Metallic coating photo gallery so you have an idea of what the outcome will be.

3. I used the Pure Metallic system and Pure Metallic effects in my bathroom and all the Pure Metallic effects colors ran down to my drain. Why did this happen?

Pure Metallic - Sloped Floor Mishape Example
Before - After Pure Metallic effects application / After - Two hours after Pure Metallic effects application

Pure Metallic is a 100% solids epoxy and is self leveling which will constantly move and shift until it levels off. If your concrete is uneven or sloped, be aware that this can happen. We have two suggestions that can possibly remedy the situation:

A. Use the same color effect as the basecoat so any running will not be that noticeable if at all.

B. You can also wait 15-30 minutes before applying the Pure Metallic effects to give the basecoat time to settle and self level.

4. I started rolling out my Pure Metallic basecoat and it is leaving roller marks; am I doing something wrong or is the product defective?

Pure Metallic basecoat Roller marks Example
Pure Metallic basecoat Roller Marks Example

100% solids is originally meant to be put on thick for a high build and to self level out any imperfections in the concrete. Although with the Pure Metallic 100% solids basecoat, it is intended to go on thin so when you apply the Pure Metallic effects, it doesn't sink in and disappear into the normally thickly applied coating. Fear not, once the Pure Metallic effects are applied, you will no longer see the roller marks in the basecoat.

5. Is it possible to replace and change into new design if required? And if so, what is the method for that?

It is. By using the “Scratch and Recoat” method you can coat over any Pure Metallic Floor Coating. Scratch and Recoat refers to the method of scuffing the surface by sanding or grinding so the surface is no longer glossy. After the surface is sanded, wipe the surface with a solvent. (i.e; paint thinner, xylol xylene, etc). This can be done with a mop as well. This will clean the deglossed surface and the solvent will evaporate shortly after therefore bond-breaking residue will be left.

6. What if my Pure Metallic Epoxy Floor gets damaged or cracked? Is it possible to repair or replace the damaged portion?

It is not common for epoxy to crack unless it is coated over an expansion joint and the substrate below it moves considerably due to a freeze/thaw cycle. In the event damage does occur, (dropping a heavy wrench from a great height could possibly chip it) it is possible to repair by using an effects kit and using droplets over the area followed by the appropriate clear coat. However, the pattern will only be similar to what was originally put down and not match exactly.

7. What are your shipping and return policies?


We ship F.O.B. from our warehouse location in Warren, MI 48089 via FedEx (larger shipments will ship via common carrier). All shipping charges will be prepaid and added to the invoice. Items temporarily back-ordered are shipped immediately upon arrival in our warehouse.


Items must be returned within 30 days of receipt (Exclusions: Custom made orders such as our Pure Metallic line and custom tinted epoxies cannot be returned). Please call, fax or email our customer service department for shipping instructions prior to return. Shipping charges should be prepaid unless otherwise arranged in advance. No COD's accepted. All merchandise must be carefully packed and will be subject to charge if not in saleable condition.